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  Q.  What is my.brocku.ca?
  Q.  Why should I personalize my.brocku.ca?
  Q.  What is a Channel?
  Q.  What are these icons in the channel title bar?
  Q.  I have a suggestion for a channel, how do I let you know?
  Q.  Besides consolidating information, what else can the portal do?
  Q.  Is it safe to use my.brocku.ca over wireless?
  Q.  Why can’t I modify the Bulletins channel in My Settings?
  Q.  I am having difficulty signing in, what's wrong?
  Q.  Why can't I log into Sakai, Office 365, or Lab computers?
  Q.  I'm a Student and would like to update my address. How do I do this?
  Q.  I'm a TA how do I get access to the Faculty GradeBook?
  Q.  How do I setup a TA to access the Faculty GradeBook?